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Here at SEO Bolton, we strive to take your business to the next level while keeping you top of the search engines. So why choose us?

  • Convenience at your feet; get uncensored access to your website with permissions to edit, delete and add anything of your suiting.
  • Statistical updates; find out how your website ranks per given period. Get the statistical data such as views after a given period of time of your choosing
  • Management team at your service; get advice on how best to earmark your business as top tier through our team of experts. These give you the drills on how best to optimize content on your website in order to increase its traffic.
  • Security; we have easy ways to prevent spamming and also guard against hacking at the same time.
  • Networking; get the best tips on how to market your business on different social platforms as you pump up numbers for your business.

Go for the jugular and outwit your competition with one simple decision, signing with us. Competition is a game where numbers are everything; and we have you covered on how you can improve yours today. Get your brand out there with our helping hand. We offer different services that will do just that. Such as

Search Engine Optimisation

The main course of all the services rendered, we are a top team in this area. Giving your business the edge over your competition is top of our agenda with a team dedicated to increase data traffic to your website.

Social Media

A convenient and easy way to give your business a big push in the social world. Twitter, Facebook and other platforms can be used to push your brand to the big leagues thanks to our committed team of experts.

Pay Per Click

A new service that increases traffic to your website. Our capable resources will boost your website in a couple of hours with this system.

Emails and Newsletters

An efficient form of communication cannot afford any less attention. Keep your clients closer and respond to their subsequent requests at all times.


SEO Services

One of our most popular services is search engine optimisation, or SEO. This is a way to promote your website in the search engines to make sure you attract more visitors to your website. Search engines such as Google are very powerful marketing tools and can drive high volumes of potential customers to your website. However, only the top few listings in their results pages will profit from the traffic and the resulting boost in sales. If your website isn't in the top 3 results then you are highly likely to miss out on a huge amount of potential new business. Through our SEO services we offer UK businesses the opportunity to rank higher in the search engine results pages. We will identify search phrases that your customers are using to locate your services and then we'll ensure that you rank highly for those terms. We are team of local SEO consultants who now trade under the brand name of Serpify, based in Warrington and Manchester, we currently offer SEO services to businesses right across the country from the northwest of England to London and even the Channel Islands. We even offer an established white label SEO service to web design agencies around the world. Speak to us today to see how we can generate more business for you from the search engines. Learn more at SEO Manchester